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Psychology Bachelor Programme


  • Six-semester  programme

    (three years).

  • 180 ECTS points.

Structure and goals

The Bachelor’s programme is structured in order to offer the fundamental knowledge in the different fields of psychology (clinical psychology, developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology, neurosciences, etc.) as well as in human behavior (interview techniques,  qualitative and quantitative data analyzes, etc.). The curriculum is also oriented on skills acquisition, such as:

Transversal: been able to identify an essential problem and try to provide both theoretical and practical answers.

Methodological: been able to prioritize the problems and theoretical models so as to adopt a rigorous and non-ideologized approach to the question asked.


Tuition fees:  4,900€ per semester.

Academic year organisation

The academic year begins with the possibility for each student of choosing a member of our academic department as a tutor.

The courses take place over 3 days a week:

  • Monday to Wednesday or;
  • Wednesday to Friday
  • From 10 a.m to 5.30 p.m 

First semester : September to February
Second semester : March to June

Courses end with one or multiple tests.

These may consist of a written or oral exam, an essay or a presentation.



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