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Outpatient Clinic

The clinic

Having the SFU-Vienne and its clinic as models, SFU Solidaire aims to facilitate the access to psychological care. Our space, managed by our students, operates under the supervision of SFU-Pari’s Academic department and our medical adviser, Pr. Rachid Bennegadi.

For students, it represents a possibility to initiate a practical development, and for patients, safe and simple access to psychological/psychotherapeutic support.

Our Approach

The objective is to offer a safe place where the students can practice and improve professional skills and techniques under the supervision of experienced professional in psychological and psychiatric disorders.

The solidarity dimension is essential in order to provide a person-centered psychotherapy which takes into consideration social and anthropological aspects. This ethical approach is essential in the WHO perspective, which advocates care that is open to eclecticism, at very early stage of therapist’s training.

Student access

External clinic :

Accessible to all students from the 3rd year of Bachelor, it was founded as a result of a partnership between SFU Solidaire, Abbé Pierre Foundation and Emmaüs network. This first experience takes place in the form of a student-therapists duo who work in different sites, over a minimum period of a year.

Internal clinic:

Accessible to all students from the 1st year of Master. The objective is to allow future therapists to practice in an environment that represents the reality of their career. All students must integrate a supervision group.

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Patient access

Outpatient clinic :

Access to the outpatient clinic is intended, exclusively, for the Emmaüs network.

Internal clinic:

SFU-Paris is convinced that financial aspects should not be a barrier to access psychological care. For that reason SFU Solidaire offers an ethical support frameworks accessible to all.

The internal clinic is open to anyone in need of a psychological support. The terms of access are subject to the following income conditions :

  • Monthly income of less than 1200 €: financial contribution of 10 € per session.
  • Monthly income between 1200 € and 1800 €: financial contribution of  20 € per session.  

Following the first free session, the patient patient will be accompanied, once a week, by a single therapist for at least a year.

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All SFU Solidaire therapists are volunteers and signatories of our « Code of Ethics » which specifies the responsibilities and  professional duties towards the patients. They are also subject to professional secrecy and participate in a regular and compulsory supervision work.


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14 rue Alfred Roll, 75015 Paris

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Head of the SFU Solidaire , Mme Botbol: 06 60 81 02 41

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